Constantine: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)


(Reminder: Captions are not real quotes from the movie. Spoilers ahead.)

Last we left off, our hero “Refused the Call.”

[Thrust Into the World]

After following Angela, a group of flying demons set the mood by dimming the street lights before they swoop in for the kill. Luckily, Constantine is a certified bad ass and defeats them by LIGHTING HIS HAND ON FIRE.

Now he’s positive that demons are entering their plane, and pretty sure they are after Angela; His interests are now directly tied to the mysterious death of Angela’s sister, Isabel.

Angela takes Constantine back to her apartment, where he uses Isabel’s cat and a roasting pan full of water to enter Hell. (I refuse to say whether or not I tried this at home. You can’t make me; You’re not the boss of me!)

Authorities claim Isabel’s death was a suicide, which means she should be in Hell if that’s true.

The hero has no choice but to join

His goal is now linked to Angela’s; He has no choice but to help her.

Supernatural Aid

Cats are “halfway in [and] halfway out [of Hell],” granting him passage there and back.

[Crossing the First Threshold]

Constantine enters Hell in search of Isabel, causing a swarm of soldier demons to trail after him. After all, “the one soul [Satan would] come up here himself to collect” is walking around Hell as if it’s Free Pancake Day at IHOP.

Eventually, he finds Isabel, who throws her looney-bin bracelet at him as a token of her favor. He runs to catch it, and narrowly avoids becoming demon din-din.


Luckily, he escapes in time by smashing a tiny crystal ball that from that point on, will never appear or be explained in the movie ever again. (This movie is already 2 hours long, so we’ll let that one slide.)

Upon returning to earth’s plane, he gives Angela the bracelet as proof of Isabel’s suicide.

Whatever guards this threshold will be parallel to later dangers

The soldier demons chasing him are a preview of what he can expect to deal with should he fail his ultimate journey.

Slight shift in the way the protagonist resolves issues

Constantine risks a trip to Hell for someone other than himself.

[The Belly of the Whale]

Assuming Isabel committed suicide, Constantine and Angela grab a meal at Exposition Diner. Meanwhile, his friend Hennessey finds proof that Isabel actually was influenced by the supernatural.

A halfbreed named Balthazaar kills him to cover the trail, but not before he can leave behind a clue for Constantine.

Constantine gets his other friend, Beeman, to investigate while he and Angela go to the hospital where Isabel killed herself. He grills Angela about her sister and her psychic abilities, intimidating her into finally finding the clue Isabel left specifically for her.


Protagonist doesn’t conquer the first threshold, and becomes fully immersed in the new world

His trip to Hell didn’t solve the mystery of Isabel’s death, so he is forced to learn more about Angela and Isabel in order to solve it.

(Missing) The hero is thought to be dead, but emerges in a rebirth

If you can point out where this is, I’d love to hear what you think. I might even send you a lovely thank you card with sunflowers on it.

Constantine: The Hero’s Jouney (Part 3)

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