Fetching Reviews: Minutes Before Sunset

“We weren’t human. We never were.”

Eric Welborn is your average 17 year old. He hates his step-family, lies to his dad, and doesn’t give a damn about your group science project. But at night, Eric becomes Shoman, the First Descendent, and the life of every Shade in Hayworth is depending on him.

Jessica is adopted, and wants to use her new relocation to Hayworth as an opportunity to find her real parents. Her adoptive parents support her, but under one condition: keep your grades up. For Jessica, this is not a problem… until she gets paired up with Eric.

*     *     *

Minutes Before Sunset does not work as a stand-alone piece in the series, but its many merits far surpass its flaws. While some minor characters feel a little 2-dimensional (Eric’s stepmother comes to mind,) the main characters are complex and very real. She doesn’t handle young characters condescendingly, and YA readers will see and appreciate that.


Her unique perspective and prose lead to complete immersion. “Silence split the distance between us” made me feel as though I was right there with them, eager to say something– anything! But I was blown away when Eric described his transformation into Shoman as “I fell out of myself.” That line was utterly beautiful, and it completely captured the essence of being a teen– ever-shifting styles and interests– falling in and out of one’s self.

For fans of urban fantasy/paranormal, Minutes Before Sunset is fun, insightful, and a great addition to your collection. Pick up your copy at any of the following locations:

Barnes & Noble

For something you can read for FREE, check out FetchingFigment’s Serial Fiction page!

And be sure to keep an eye out for Thompson; the future looks promising.


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