Constantine: The Hero’s Journey (Finale)


(Reminder: Captions are not real quotes from the movie. Spoilers ahead.)

Last we left off, our hero paved “The Road of Trials.”

[Atonement with the Father]

After flying through every wall in Los Angeles, Angela lands in a swimming pool. She emerges to see a Mexican guy and shoots him in the chest. Thank god he was possessed by the devil, otherwise that would have been really awkward.


Too bad she’s not a PSYCHIC, otherwise she could have saved her useless bullets and escaped– Wait a minute…

Meanwhile, Shia Lebouf has his first real scene, helping Constantine dispatch the half-breeds guarding the pool. When they reach Angela, she’s possessed by Mammon and ready for a game of Marco Polo.

Constantine finally restores Angela, only to find out she’s about to give birth to Mammon and he’ll have to perform the only abortion to ever be approved by the Catholic Church.

They think they’ve won until a supernatural force kills Shia. Constantine forces Gabriel out of stealth so she can give her Surprise-I’m-A-Villain speech before hurdling him into a wall.

While Gabriel prepares to provide the divine assistance Mammon needs to enter, Constantine tells God, “I know I’m not one of your favorites… not even welcome in your house… But I could use a little [help].”

Lowest point for the hero

Constantine is immobilized and Shia is dead.

Fight or Flee

With the odds against him, Constantine must decide if he will keep trying or give up.

Awareness of the inner self

Constantine has accepted Hell as his fate, but wants to save the world regardless.


Constantine grabs a piece of broken glass and commits suicide, since he is the one soul Satan would come to Earth to collect. The devil arrives, and Constantine reveals Mammon’s plot to overthrow him.

Satan sends his rascal of a kid back to Hell, and offers Constantine an extension on his life for the heads up. Instead, Constantine asks that Isabel be released from Hell. The devil agrees.


ONLY IN THE MOVIES. Do NOT try this at home.

Satan tries to take Constantine to Hell, but our hero just made a huge sacrifice, which means he gets to go to Heaven! The devil wants Constantine in Hell so bad that he revives him and removes the cancer to give Constantine a second chance “to prove that [his] soul truly belongs in Hell.”

This scene is just amazing. Making the audience think the protagonist gives up proves to be highly effective!

Final confrontation

Constantine tricks Satan into helping him.

Supernatural aid

What could be more supernatural than help from the devil?


Constantine dies, but the devil revives him. Metaphorical rebirth into Constantine the Giver.


[Refusal or Acceptance of Return]

Another missing element. You know the drill: if you see it, leave a comment! I’ll send you a postcard. Think about it.


Constantine finds a newly-human Gabriel in the pool. She tries to get him to kill her, to make him sin again, but he punches her instead.

The movie ends with Constantine and Angela finally hooking up setting a date to hook up later because they forgot this movie was rated R.

After Angela leaves, Constantine resists the urge to smoke a cigarette and chews a piece of gum instead, reminding us that drugs are bad, mmkay?

Main conflict is resolved

Constantine gets to live, he has a seat in Heaven, and the world is saved.

Hero returns to normal world with elixir or renewed self

Constantine gives up smoking, a sign of his rebirth.

Closing Notes: I hope you all enjoyed analyzing this movie as much as I enjoyed watching it. And if you haven’t seen Constantine… sucks to be you ’cause I just spoiled the shit out of it! Can’t wait to do it again. Until next time!

You just finished: The Hero’s Journey: Constantine

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