6 (MORE) Songs to Feed Your Story

It’s been brought to my attention that most of the songs I previously suggested involve the violin. Maybe it has something to do with the resonance of string instruments. Maybe it’s because I used to play the violin. You didn’t know?

I was the best violinist of my time, and by that, I mean I was first chair in my elementary school orchestra. Without fail, my mom closed my door every time I tried to play the Angel theme song. Obviously she just wanted to let the artiste have some privacy.


To me, if I could play something that sounded remotely like what I was trying to play, I was a genius. I mean, that’s why I was first chair, right? Then another girl came along. I will never forget the day the orchestra teacher introduced her (we’ll call her Jessica):

“This is Jessica; She’ll be joining the orchestra. She has been receiving violin lessons for years, and she will be our new first chair. Jessica, would mind you playing something for us?”

Jessica pulled out her violin, and the clouds parted. An angel landed on her shoulder and stretched its golden wings.

I hated her.


Needless to say, it was probably for the best that I stopped playing violin. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here to terrorize entertain you with

The Next 6 Songs (yes, there will be violins) to Feed Your Story:

1. Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize

Ideal for: The Final Battle/Struggle/Race against time
Why: The fast tempo, dramatic rise and fall of tension, and gritty dubstep will have you throwing so many problems at your character, you’ll start to wonder if there is any resolution outside of a Deus Ex Machina.

2. Craig Armstrong – Escape

Ideal for: Ascension/Unspeakable evils/Epic moments
Why: This song is so powerful, listening to it while writing will only give you two options: Let your protagonist unlock their true abilities, or let your villian murder an innocent kid. Your choice. No pressure.

3. Zoe Keating – Tetrishead

Ideal for: Planning/Falls from grace/Tough decisions
Why: Can’t say why this is called Tetrishead, but listen to this song, and your bulimic ballerina protagonist will start a sordid love affair with a pound of deep fried butter in no time.


4. Clint Mansell – Death is the Road to Awe (film: The Fountain)

Ideal for: Killing off characters/Mysterious worlds/Low points
Why: Ha! I found a song from a movie worthy of sharing. Oddly enough, from what I hear, the movie itself blew. Oh well. Enjoy listening to this while you take away everything your character ever loved, you sick writer, you.

5. Jennifer Thomas – The Tempest

Ideal for: Sneaking/Approaching the final battle/Solving puzzles
Why: There are simply no words to describe this. I lied; there are words, but I don’t have them. If you need danger, adventure, or uncertainty, this is an excellent choice. Period. Because the actual period that came before them just wasn’t enough.

6. Break of Reality – Anodynia I. Tranquilo

Ideal for: Complications/Character development/Consequences
Why: This song brings out the sadness and desperation your jilted protagonist needs to make a decision that will shock even you. This one is for you and your MS, Von!

What songs inspire your writing? Share your favorites in the comment box.

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  1. Now THAT was simply beautiful and perfect. I can literally hear that playing as my one of my MCs finds him/herself struggling to make a difficult decision. :: applause :: Thanks, hun!

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