The Fifth Element: The Hero’s Journey (Part 1)


There are few people in cinema I love more than Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Luc Besson; The Fifth Element included all three, and apologized for leaving out Morgan Freeman by adding a blue alien performing the most epic opera ever. Apology accepted.

With that said, I’m so glad you voted for The Fifth Element: The Hero’s Journey!

(Note: Captions are not real quotes from the movie. Spoilers ahead.)

[Ordinary World]

Korben receives a phone call from his friend Finger. The conversation reveals that Korben was a high-ranking military officer and calls his cat “Sweetie” because “at least the cat comes back:” Korben looks at his old wedding photo, suggesting that his wife left him.

Finger tells him there are a million other women available, but Korben says he just wants one: “The perfect one.” We find out that Korben doesn’t have many points left on his license before Finger hangs up.

A robber approaches Korben’s door, but Korben steals the gun from the robber, sends him away, and heads to work like nothing happened.


Normal life for the protagonist

Korben Dallas is a divorced, ex-military officer turned cab driver

What the protagonist wants

He wants to find the perfect woman.

An imposing enemy

A sentient asteroid approaches earth with intentions of exterminating all life in 48 hours.

An important, unusual story element

Only the “light of creation,” formed by 5 elements, can stop the asteroid.

The possibility of success

Korben is a bad ass, and his military background makes him a potential candidate to help.

The possibility of failure

Korben doesn’t want to return to the military: “Finger, I drive a cab now. I’m not a Space Fighter.”


[The Call to Adventure]

While driving his cab, a half-naked woman crashes through his roof and into his backseat. Unfortunately, the car thinks Korben had an accident, leaving him 1 point left on his license.

Korben checks her out, she rambles in a foreign language, and he is smitten: Apparently, Korben’s idea of the perfect woman is one that’s completely unable to communicate with him.

The police arrive, telling him to release her for arrest. A convenient advertisement teaches her the phrase “Please Help,” but she’s not naked enough for him to lose his license over her. Korben opens the door for the police.


Before they can grab her, Korben has a change of heart and drives off, snapping the hook they attached and losing the last point on his license. He escapes, nearly killing the woman in the process. She stays conscious long enough to ask for Priest Vito Cornelius.

Korben shows up at Cornelius’ door, who identifies her as the “fifth element.” He tells Korben to be careful with her because she is perfect, and runs off to dress up in his wizard cosplay.

Korben, looking for the perfect woman, takes this opportunity to make out with the woman while she’s unconscious.


Chance leads to the discovery of an unsuspected world

Leloo, “the fifth element” crashes into Korben’s cab (and his little heart)

Herald appears to represent the unknown

Priest Vito Cornelius knows exactly who Leeloo is and why she’s so important.


Are you constantly single? Can’t seem to find “The One?” Follow Korben’s Dating Checklist)


[Refusal of the Call]

Korben finds out her name is Leloo before he is sent home. The military calls on him for an important mission: he must fly to Fhloston Paradise, where he will obtain 4 elemental stones from a diva, but he’s not interested.

Leloo shows up at his door, but when Korben opens it, Cornelius shoves a gun in his face, demanding his flight tickets: Cornelius intends to save the world himself.

A shakedown by the police forces Korben to hide them, but once things are settled, Cornelius knocks him out with a medal and steals the tickets to fly to Fhloston Paradise with Leeloo.

Answering the call goes against everything the protagonist knows

Korben doesn’t want to rejoin the military. It doesn’t help that a stout, masculine woman named Iceborg (Major Iceborg) will accompany him as his wife.

The hero has no choice but to answer the call

Cornelius unwittingly coaxes Korben into action with his betrayal. Now, Korben must get revenge. He must get the girl.

The Fifth Element: The Hero’s Jouney (Part 2)

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