Fetching Reviews: Firstborn


Erik Ashendale is a wizard for hire that solves paranormal crime in the city of Eureka. With the help of his perverted, talking cat, Erik takes on a hodgepodge of the supernatural and does it all with the bravado of a modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac.

“I’ll knock you out in two strikes. Then you’ll be so impressed with my awesomeness that you’ll answer my questions.”

*     *     *

The basic elements of Firstborn feel like a testosterone-driven Sabrina the Teenage Witch– which turns out to be a better idea than you’d think. And though there are times when Attard’s crude humor could use more masking, this New Adult urban fantasy novel is suitable to amuse both adults and a YA audience:

“Must be a guy trait — we celebrate too early. If you don’t get the joke don’t worry about it.”

Attard employs what Author Brandon Sanderson would define as a “soft magic” system– a magical world in which anything could happen. With that said, Firstborn will keep you flipping pages, wondering what will pop up next, because Eureka is home to lizardmen, vampires, demons, and more.

Frequent breaking of the fourth wall and plenty of lampshade hanging make it clear that Attard is fully in control of the insanity that ensues; Firstborn is action-packed and peppered with pop culture references and easter eggs for comicbook lovers and gamers alike.

“Mission accomplished, achievement unlocked.”

This book is the first of Ryan Attard’s Legacy series. For “nerds” and fans of urban fantasy/paranormal, Firstborn is a fast-paced joyride, and definitely deserves a read. It’s scheduled for release December 13, 2013, so make sure to add it to your Goodreads and get ready to pre-order your copy:


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And for more off-color humor, be sure to check out Attard’s blog. This man pulls no punches.


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