Meet the WriMos: Genna


[Who are you?]

Hi there! My name is Genna Donaghy and I’m a NaNoHolic. 🙂

[Have you written anything before?]

Other than my four or so failed NaNo novels? Yes indeedy. I released Touch Me Not from Loose Id September. I have another, Second Skin coming from Musa Publishing mid-December. Both are male/male novels.

[What are you writing for NaNo?]

I guess I’m a NaNo Rebel, because I have two projects planned.

The first is the sequel to Touch Me Not, tentatively entitled Arrest Me Not. (My imagination for titles knows no bounds, apparently.)

In an alternate universe, where gender is less important than how dominant a person is, Sheriff Grant O’Shea is a man without a soul mate. As a dom, his lifespan would be considerably greater with a sub to temper his power. But Grant’s never met his match, and slowly but surely, he’s burning out..

When a grizzly murder strikes the small city of Tamarack, Grant leads the investigation. He’ll need all the dominant strength and willpower he can muster: The only witness — and prime suspect — is none other than his mate.

I predict this’ll round out around 30-40k. So, to fill the gap I’ll finish my current WIP, Draconem: The Dragons of Yosemite Valley.

When a bank robbery goes wrong, Kai Jefferson becomes a hostage on the run. Worse, his captors aren’t human — they’re dragons with a taste for gold and smart-ass river guides. Kai’s allowed to live under one condition: Become the a servant to Sebastian, the leader of the robbers.

Sebastian’s dangerous, alien, and his human form is hotter than dragon fire. Kai wants to hate him, but when antagonism turns to understanding, he’s not sure he can.

The dragons, for all their strength and long lives, are few in number and are dying out. When Kai stumbles across the cure, he must decide between finally going home or staying with his captor, the one he may be falling for.

I AM getting to 50k one way or the other! 😀

[Is this your first NaNo?]

This my… uh, fifth or sixth NaNo. I’ve won most of them, and plan on adding ’13 to my tally! In fact… I do believe Second Skin was my NaNo from the year before last.

[Have you done anything to prepare?]

No, I’m a proud pantser. Other than figuring out what the general storyline is in my head, I leave the rest for NaNo. There’s a story in there. All I have to do is find it.

[What is the best advice you could give to other WriMos?]

My best advice is not to stop! If you stop, you die. (Or fail NaNo. Same thing.) Don’t fall so in love with your story that you trick yourself into going back to fix it or ‘just take off a day or so to really plot it out’. That’s a form of procrastination sneaking up on you. Just write, write, write. Leave yourself notes as you go, just don’t stop!

[What do you hope to gain out of NaNo?]

Hopefully two rough, rough, rough first drafts of awesome novels (which I will slave away editing for the next couple months) and a lot of new friends! Buddy me and I’ll do the same. I’m a little competitive (but in a fun way?) and I love word sprints.

Make a new NaNo buddy to help you get through it:

Find Genna on NaNoWriMo and challenge her to a word sprint!

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