Meet the WriMos: JB


[Who are you?]

My name is JB Mairubutu (it’s actually my pen name). Formally I’m known as Jones James Bawa.

[Have you written anything before?]

Yeah, I have written a short stories, essays, poems and contents for a magazines (but not for NANO)

[What are you writing for NaNo?]

A fiction (Satire and Humour).

Editor’s Note: The following is a flash fiction piece written by JB.
The cock had just crowed, Iya Kpati and Mama Chinedu were at it again. We all knew that it would lead to a brawl, where Mama Chinedu would emerge as the champion and Iya Kpati would be left with a scar of a swollen and blistered lips or a black eye. Mama Chinedu, was a stunted woman with wielded arms that were stumped in a way, and she had what I call “yam” legs, hefty that looked like matured tubers of yam. Iya Kpati was huge and fat with watery breast that seems to have fallen, and heavy buttocks that slowed her gait; she had well carved facial marks, an original daughter of Ibadan.

In most of their brawls Iya Kpati ended up being fed with sand but I was told that she had emerged victorious in one of them then I’d had gone back to the boarding house. That day, Mama Chinedu was trying to wrestle Iya Kpati to the ground as usual, but stepped on a stone that displaced her right foot and dashed to the ground. Iya Kpati instantly flung herself on smallish Mama Chinedu and broke her arm. For months our compound what we called “yard” had an idea of what peace was like.
We were wondering what that day’s feud was all about; I only could peep through my room’s window for my parents wouldn’t let me out. They both were cursing in Igbo and Yoruba with laughter trickling code mixing,

“Shiken like you, ole buruku.”

Mama Chinedu replying with, “Bascard,onya ra.”

Then all of a sudden Mama Chinedu pounced on Iya Kpati who fiercely fought back. No one could separate them. The wrangle lasted for close to three hours until landlord swished into the compound with two police officers,

“Take them away,” he yelled.

[Is this your first NaNo?]


[What have you done to prepare?]

What I have done is thinking of a story and how to develop it into a novel.

[What do you hope to gain out of NaNo?]

To become a better writer at the end.

Make a new NaNo buddy to help you get through it:

Find JB on NaNoWriMo and fight your plot bunnies together!

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