Meet the WriMos: Setsu

[Who are you?]

My name is Setsu. I’m a writer and martial artist experimenting with the advice “live in New York, but leave before it makes you hard / live in Northern California, but leave before it makes you too soft.”

[Have you written anything before?]

I’ve written two fantasy novels, several short stories and many poems that I’m shopping around. I also send out a writing newsletter, blog post, and the occasional article for Art Animal magazine.

[Will you share the synopsis for your NaNo?]

When her government asks her to recover an artifact that can control people through dreams, an airship captain has to choose between her crew’s bright future under the new regime and preventing worldwide subjugation.

[Is this your first NaNo?]

It sure is!

[What have you done to prepare?]

I have done nothing to prepare! This is the first time I’m working with an outline and NaNo. The one suggestion I heard that I thought was brilliant was to stock up on pre-made meals. Cooking is fun, but it’s a huge time-suck.

[What do you hope to gain out of NaNo?]
A more rigorous, productive writing schedule. So much of it hinges on setting aside time and building good habits.
I was worried that the sheer volume of work would drown out those writers who really can’t do anything else. I was worried that quantity would destroy quality. I realized that NaNo’s intention is entirely different. It’s meant to create a community of people who are interested in writing, and to give folks a structured opportunity to try their hand at it. You won’t have a complete and polished manuscript at the end of November, but you’ll have 50k words on paper that you can build on. If you want to. After knocking it for so long, it’s time to shut up and try it.

Make a new NaNo buddy to help you get through it:

Setsu is staying focused and staying off the NaNo site for now– follow her at her blog.

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