Fetching Updates!

If you’ve been following this blog, you might be wondering, “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego FetchingFigment?” I am here, and I haven’t forgotten about you. December 1st marks the return of our normal, weekly/bi-weekly format.

December Post Schedule

12.07.13 – 7 Ways to Write the Journey
This post will be exclusively featured at TokyoSurrendersToAHamster. I’ll be discussing how to break the golden rule: Do Not Write Traveling Scenes. Many people will tell you not to write scenes in which your characters are traveling from point A to B, but in my opinion, doing so is like having sex: Yes, your story could get AIDs, but if you play it smart, it can be a wonderful experience for all involved.

12.07.13 – Write Better: Snag These Free Ebooks
If you’re like me, your first draft looks like a hundred dollar bill caked and crusted with freshly mashed dog poo, and you’re desperate to polish it into something readable and (hopefully) memorable. In this post, I’ll be guiding you through one of the simplest, most effective methods I use to edit, and providing you with some free books to help as well.

12.14.13 – The Hero’s Journey: The Fifth Element (Part 2)
Catch up before part 2 comes out. Also, in the right sidebar, there is now a poll for you to choose the next Hero’s Journey. Unlike the last poll, this one will be available for much longer and on every post, which means that everyone should have a chance to make their opinion count. Don’t forget to vote!

12.21.13 – The Hunt for Napoleon’s Justice: The Pisador
Now that December is here (read: NaNoWriMo is over,) I finally have a chance to edit Napoleon #2, which means you will finally get to find out what happens next. Then, in January, I’ll be giving you a chance to cast Napoleon: I want to see how you envision the characters! If you haven’t read Napoleon #1, you can check it out here— Editor Ellen Brock gave the first 500 words a 4 out of 5 on her “First Page Friday” critiques, which really just made my day.

12.28.13 – Fetching Reviews: Lichgates
You might have noticed that I am currently reading Lichgates, a contemporary fantasy novel by Amazon bestseller S.M. Boyce. The author of the Vaempires: Revolution series, Tom Winship, said “[Lichgates] is so rich and deftly executed that I found myself bouncing between pure amazement, unadulterated enjoyment, and absolute, perverse envy. She is that good.” Wanna hear what I have to say about it? No? Well too bad– get ready for another Fetching Review. And while you’re at it, go grab your FREE copy while it’s still available (located at the bottom of her guest post) so we can compare notes.

Coffee and Newspaper

New(ish) Banner
What was previously “FetchingFigment: book your fantasy here” is now “FetchingFigment: a humor/resource blog for writers.” As much as I loved the previous tagline, it was too obscure– I want to be transparent about the purpose of this blog because there is a purpose here and I intend to fulfill it. With that said, you can expect to see some future renovations.

New sidebar (to the right:)
“I’m Reading” – Check for progress updates on your beta or review request.

“I’m Writing” – If you are looking for updates on my serial fiction and other writing endeavors, check here. Hooray for airing dirty laundry!

Like the rest of the blog, I will update these progress bars on a weekly basis (every Saturday.)

Hero’s Journey Poll – A poll in which you can vote for the next movie I examine the Hero’s Journey in. Keeping it in the sidebar will keep you from having to dig for it.

FREEBIE ALERT: Editor Ellen Brock is still taking submissions for her “First Page Friday” critiques. If you want Ellen to critique the first 500 words of your story for free, visit The Writeditor.

NaNoWriMo: Officially over! Thanks so much to Kara for her inspiring post, to my WriMos who helped me more than they will ever know, and to my readers who have been so patiently waiting for the next post. Seriously– You rock!2013-Winner-Facebook-Cover


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