The Fifth Element: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)


(Reminder: Captions are not real quotes from the movie. Spoilers ahead.)

Last we left off, our hero “Refused the Call.”

[Thrust Into the World]

As David (Cornelius’ sidekick) and Leeloo are about to claim Korben’s ticket, our hero catches up just in time to prove he is the real Korben Dallas. Foiled, Cornelius attempts to sneak on the ship. A couple of Mangalores, the aliens once working for Zorg, try to force their way onto the spaceship, unwittingly providing a distraction for Cornelius to sneak on.

Once Leeloo and Korben are on board, radio host Ruby Rhod and his leopard-clad groupies whisk Korben deeper into the spacecraft to interview him as the winner of the Gemini Croquette contest. Rhod talks fast and moves faster, keeping Korben in the public eye where he must continue his charade as contest winner.


The flight attendants announce that sleep will be regulated (read: enforced) for the duration of the flight. Just before lights out, Leeloo tells Korben that he doesn’t have to protect her– she will protect him because she is the supreme being. The flight attendant renders them unconscious, and the spaceship takes off.

The hero has no choice but to join

Once Korben has boarded the ship, he is herded through the ship by Rhod and put to sleep by a flight attendant.

Supernatural Aid

Leeloo, the supreme being, has promised to protect Korben.

[Crossing the First Threshold]

Behind the scenes, the giant asteroid (who apparently goes by “Mr. Shadow”) threatens Zorg’s life, knowing that he does not have the four stones yet. With the stakes raised, Zorg can no longer depend on the Mangalores to get the stones, so he makes plans to get them himself.

Once the cruise ship arrives at Fhloston, Luc Besson shows us his prediction of men who think its fun to stay at the YMCA of the future. These leather-harnessed, short-clad sailors escort Diva Plavalaguna and a mysterious box to her room, and Plavalaguna sends her guard to tell Leeloo that she’ll get the stones after the concert.


Before the opera starts, Korben disappoints Rhod once more with a lackluster interview. The radio host seeks solace in champagne, but as we follow the waiter to a room marked private, we find out that he is just one of many Mangalores on board. He tells them it’s “showtime–” Plavalaguna will begin her performance and they can begin their operation.

Whatever guards this threshold will be parallel to later dangers

The Mangalores are not the major antagonist, but they are dangerous and alien, just like “Mr. Shadow.”

Slight shift in the way the protagonist resolves issues

Korben is back in space and working for the military again.

[The Belly of the Whale]

While the Diva Plavalaguna performs, the Mangalores take out her guards and ransack her room in search of the elemental stones, but Leeloo intercepts them. Before she can leave with Plavalaguna’s box, Zorg shows up. She tosses the box to him and escapes into the vent.

Zorg redecorates the ceiling with a flurry of bullet holes before he eventually hits Leeloo. At the same time, the Mangalores are taking over the ship. With bullets flying through the air, Plavalaguna finally gets hit, and Korben jumps on the opportunity to mack on yet another unconscious female.


Protagonist doesn’t conquer the first threshold, and becomes fully immersed in the new world

Korben was supposed to get the stones from the Diva post concert, but the Mangalores lock down the opera house, forcing Korben to deal with this new conflict.

The hero is thought to be dead, but emerges in a rebirth

Although most of this journey revolves around Korben, this particular point is demonstrated through the mortally wounded Leeloo, who is left to die in the vents.

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