Fetching Reviews: Sean’s Bullet

“I had a choice, and I pulled the trigger.”

“Sean’s Bullet,” written by Shannon A. Thompson, is a beautifully haunting short inspired by the stories of real soldiers. This short is told in vignettes and revolves around the bond between Wilson and Sean, two young infantrymen in the marines.

Thompson really nails the essence of the short story in “Sean’s Bullet,” which is incredibly hard to do. In just a handful of pages, this story will give you a serious case of the feels– even for those not closely connected to the subject matter (I don’t have any loved ones in the military, but this story moved me.)

Sean and Wilson’s friendship is endearing, and an unexpected turn of events will suck you in for some amazing narrative. This story is too short for me to give anything else away, but trust me when I say this short story packs a serious punch.

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If you want to find out more about Shannon, check out her blog!

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