Beta Readings


A beta reader is someone with a critical eye that will point out areas your work suffers in. Getting a beta reading is a critical step between writing and publishing a book. If you are having trouble finding a beta reader, look no further!

Send your request for a beta reading via e-mail to Yvone. For a faster response, be sure to include:

  1.     Your name
  2.     Title of your work
  3.     Genre
  4.     Areas of critique focus (developmental or substantive?)
  5.     At least one type of scene marker (number or title)

Yvone is a fan of many genres. Some of her favorite authors include Laurel K. Hamilton, Elizabeth Haydon, Jonathan Kellerman, Chuck Palahniuk, and Robert Ludlum. With that said, submissions related to Urban Fantasy, Classic Fantasy, Mystery, Mainstream, and Thriller are most welcome!

If you are looking for a critique partner, contact Travis Sullivan. His line edits are wonderful.


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