Book Reviews


Send your request for a review via e-mail to Yvone. For a faster response, be sure to include:

  1. A copy of your e-book
  2. A paragraph-sized biography
  3. A portrait (if you are a minor, skip to #4)
  4. The cover art for your book
  5. A paragraph-sized synopsis
  6. Links to locations where your book can be purchased
  7. Links to social media through which you would like fans to contact you
  8. Any other images you would like included in the review

You will receive an e-mail back to confirm receipt and to give you an ETA for your review.

*Yvone’s Super Duper Important Note for Self-Published Authors*

I reserve the right to deny the completion of a review if I feel you would be best served with a free beta reading instead.


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